Xenoblade Chronicles 3 OST Life expressing the emotions of the protagonists is expressed

Nintendo released an OST of Chronicles 3 under the name “The Weight of Life”.

This song, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is described as a moving track that expresses Noah and Mio’s emotions as they try to reach the end of the world.

We also have to mention that this music track wasn’t the first Nintendo shared for Xenoblade Chronicles. As you can see, the publisher shared the soundtrack as a Life Sent. The song is symbolic of the sorrow experienced by the protagonists in battle.

In our latest interview, I explained that we had to close the preview of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This was because the trailer was so full of facts. Monolith Soft’s new JRPG was released at a surprise release date. It is jam-packed with gameplay dynamics and twists that will leave the fans especially jaw-dropping. This is a fantastic update! Continue reading and let’s keep following us.

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