Yokoi et al the story of the fabled hippo is new event there’s also Kuki Shinobu

Teyvat Travelers will participate in a special event one year after Genshin 6.0 was released.

Miho has announced that Hidden Dreams in The Depth will be launched. This announcement comes with many bonuses. Genshin Impact players have a better chance to add four characters to their teams, and they also get a huge boost during the event. Genshin Impact will make it easier to conquer the event from 18:00 on June 21st through 14:59 on July 12th 2022

Genshin Impact 2.8 will include a new feature called The Kuki Shinobu. Higher chances of winning 5 star weapons are available to the Claymore Redhorn Stonethresher or the Memory of Dust Catalyst.

Hidden Dreams in Depths will make a new event available. If it occurs, MiHoYo will activate bonus content and content.

The Genshin Impact can now be run on a Google PC.

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