Yves is a shipbreaker that has sold about 500,000 copies since launch

Blackbird Interactives Hardspace Shipbreaker has been very successful since Steam Early Access closed May 24th. Focus Entertainment released a revised report that showed that nearly 500 copies had been sold in the year ended March 31st. This is from the moment the PC arrives.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker plays a key role in the Lynx Corporation’s development. This is their first-person title. They are responsible for investigating procedurally-generated derelict spaceships, and recovering salvage. This job requires the use of other tools, such as a laser cutter. However, one must be cautious not only when cutting the wrong wire but also if it causes an explosion.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is only available for PC at the moment and can be played on PC Game Pass. Although it is currently in development for Xbox One, and PS4, there is no release window. Blackbird and Minecraft collaborate on Homeworld 3 for Gearbox Publishing, and Minecraft: Legends.

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