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Zenless Zone Zero characters – robots, bears, and maids, oh my

Zenless Zone Zero characters – robots bears and maids oh my

Hoyoverse’s thrilling upcoming action-adventure game is packed with fascinating characters. Let’s glance at Zenless Zone Zero characters and factions.

Hello To New Eridu, and the fascinating realm that is ZENLESS Zone Zero. Get a deep dive into the story of the final metropolis in which you are able to accept tasks, explore hollows along together with your friends and navigate through changing labyrinths while seeking answers in your search for hope, revealing an unsolved plot as you go.

There are plenty of different factions to explore throughout the journey with each one comprised of a myriad of fascinating Zero Zenless Zero characters who look every bit like the one before. Although we do not have much information about the ZZZ characters currently, Hoyoverse has drip-fed us details via social media as well as its official website as well as new trailers and is also showing some brand new content in its The Game Show Hoyoverse exclusive program. Let’s take review everything we’ve heard about these formidable champions to date.

We’ll update this guide as Hoyoverse publishes any new details, so keep an eye out for updates. While you wait, take a look at ZZ Zero’s release dates and theories to figure out the date you can sink into this new adventure. There are also many articles on Hoyoverse’s other upcoming and existing games, such as the Honkai Star Rail characters guide as well as our Genshin Impact tiers.

without further ado

Without further delay, we’ll take a look at the Zenless Zone Zero characters we’ve seen thus far.

ZZZ Proxies

“Behind seemingly tranquil streets, Proxies operate within an alternate reality.’

Although the information about Zenless Zone Zero is still scarce if we look at the official website as well as the ZZZ trailer we can see that a group dubbed The Proxies play an extremely crucial role in New Eridu. In addition, since Hoyoverse allows you to experience multiple identities, two different identities, we think that you, as the player play your role as a proxy within this new and exciting world.

What is a proxy? In the absence of ZZZ, A proxy is an individual who has the power to represent another person and is usually an expression used to describe a person who votes. We consider proxies to be people who live in the real world and control or operate characters that exist in the distorted reality.

We can conclude that the young woman and man depicted in ZZZ’s trailer ZZZ trailer are proxy characters, and are like those of the Genshin impact travelers. So, if we’re indeed on the right path You’ll probably get the chance to pick the female or male character as well as take over all the ZZZ characters from different factions that make up the warped reality.

Zenless Zone Zero

If so it’s not clear whether all Zenless Zone Zero characters are considered to be proxies or if it’s only the primary character. We’re also uncertain whether the primary character is equipped with their own abilities and capabilities or if you’ll be only relying on the combat abilities of the characters from different factions. We’ll watch and see!

ZZZ Gentle House

Gentle House, aka Cunning Hares, is the group that receives the most minutes of screen time in the ZZZ trailer and is among the few in which the logo and name are completely visible. The group is described by the Odd-Job Agency, Gentle House’s emblem depicts a smiling pink bunny with stars. What we know about Gentle House’s members. Gentle House members so far.

  • Andy Dimera Anby’s background and age are unknown. She was snuck into the group by Nicole who then was eventually a part of Gentle House, gradually growing into a reliable and strong friend. She is known for her advanced fighting skills and immense love of films however, she’s also regarded as the codependent “baby bird” of Gentle House.
  • Nicole also known as Nostradamus A tall, beautiful, pink-haired lady with golden eyes who wore black and white clothes. It isn’t much known about Nicole apart from the fact that she was the one who took Andy under her wings. In light of this and her place in the foreground of the trailer, she appears to be a respected figure in the Gentle House. She’s carrying a briefcase that can transform into a weapon in battle.
  • Billy Billy Billy is an enigmatic robotic disguised as a human. He has dressed in red and a black faceplate, with gold-colored eyes that glow and white hair that is spiky. Billy holds two pistols as well as has a sharp and sharp eye to shoot.
  • Unknown cat girl ZZZ trailer also features an unnamed cat in Gentle House, who wears black and red clothing and is sporting white and black cat ears and an ear. Although we don’t have much information about this sly little girl She appears to be playing a rogue’s role, since she moves about at high speeds, and whacks her foes with an array of blades.
  • “Manager” at the end of the fight in the battle between Gentle House and a Hollow in the ZZZ trailer, a tiny round, the rabbit-like creature is seen sporting an apron. Billy takes this fluffy bunny up and smacks it with his hand to ask the manager what direction we go?’ We’re not sure if this rabbit actually holds any authority whatsoever or is some sort of conduit or avatar possibly for the player’s representative.

player proxy

B. Industries

While the name B. Industries is not visible on the poster, it is possible to clearly see that the logo is the roaring bear in the hard hat. This is in line with an industrial motif portrayed in the clothing of the crew members and uniforms. They are all wearing white jumpsuits, with the addition of caution tape, and are carrying weapons that appear like tools, like drills. This leads us to believe that B. Industries could have a role in building, even though they’re not slamming villains. In the trailer, we can see three characters that are connected to B. Industries.

  • A tall man sporting cool black and red hair, a warning tape headband, and a jacket slung over his shoulders. He is armed with a drill that is mounted on his arm.
  • A red-haired, short woman described as small yet sweet’. This fiery lady is using what seems to be a hammer drill hybrid.
  • A massive, huge bear, with a mark over his eye and a gold chain and sharp fangs, posing with the size of a chunk of steel that appears to be a hybrid of the construction hammer drill as well as miniguns or rocket launchers.

Victoria House Keeping

The group is comprised of two characters from the ZZZ trailer. They are dressed in costumes that help them look like old-fashioned, Victorian servants and butlers.

  • The primary Victoria HouseKeeping character we are able to see is a young woman who has green hair in a multitude and is described as sentimental” – which is her position when she looks upset and starts crying before being attacked with a mighty weapon that appears like a polearm, with circular or buzz saw blade that is at the end. To match the title of her group the character wears the classic black and white maid’s outfit and is accompanied by shackles around her wrists of her, a chain on her waist as well as a cute backpack with a teddy bear.
  • The other member of this faction isn’t in the fight scene however, he’s featured in the Victoria House Keeping introduction. He’s a hybrid of human and animal, possibly either a wolf or a fox wearing the white fur, and is dressed in a Butler’s costume and golden knuckle dusters, as well as an esoteric mask.

The kitsune as well as the one Samurai

The final group appears to comprise two characters too however we don’t get any kind of name and the emblem is hidden. We can learn a few things in the video.

  • The main character of this group is one figure with white hair, blue skin, and horns. They also have ears. They wear an oni-like mask that reminds us of the character of Genshin Impact’s Xiao and carries what looks like some sort of shovel or fan that is atop an iron pole.
  • The other one is named Unagi and is the character of a kitsune girl, sporting the huge black ears of a fox. She is glowing with red eyes and is wearing an edgy blue kimono holding a large glowing sword.

Other Zenless Zone Zero characters

The trailer mainly is focused on these butt-kicking warriors combating monsters. But, some other characters are featured throughout. There are lots of adorable, fluffy bunny-like creatures, like the one Billy CallManager and wandering around.

There’s also a dark-skinned lady sporting hair that is green and a stylish dress, as well as an unidentified red-faced guy wearing robot arms, who is running through a ramen stand. These characters form an overall image of this thrilling city, and we want to visit the city.

We know everything we can concerning Zenless Zone Zero. Sinless Zone Zero characters so far. We’ll revise this guide as Hoyoverse releases any news, so make sure to bookmark this page and come often for updates. Meanwhile, make sure to head for our top list of most popular games such as Genshin Impact to keep you entertained.